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Texas Automotive Instructors Association

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President 's Info

October 28, 2009
Hello TAIA,
I just returned from Austin and the first round of the 2010 TEKS Train the Trainer session, I was selected as a Super Trainer along with Olin Harrington, all that means is that we get to lead the 2nd day of the training with our fellow TDL Instructors. We had a good time, it was interesting and went a long way to explain some of the changes. I left there with a good feeling and an understanding that these new TEKS, and course titles, while different, will in the long run allow us the flexibility to design our programs to meet the needs of our students and communities. The TEA Staff has done a lot of work in preparing this and it shows. If you are headed to Austin in November have a great time and as we get ready to offer the training thru our Region centers and Proffesional Organizations be POSITIVE, we are being offered oportunities to better meet the needs of our students. And that is what it is all about.
Mid-Winter Conference registration is up and running so get registered now, do not wait til the money is gone and the rooms are full.

August 24, 2009
Teachers the SCHOLORSHIP information is posted on the news page. Please look at it and get any eligible applicants to turn in their applications as soon as possible.
For a word file email me at and I will attach the file and send it to you.

July 20, 2009

I hope that everyone had a safe trip home. I really enjoyed seeing all of you and I thought we had a great Conference. If you get a chance thank Linda, Jennifer, and Olin for all the hard work that they put in to the conference and training sessions. Please take the time to drop an e-mail to some of the vendors, trainers and businesses who hosted us this year, that make a huge difference in their attitude about participating next time.


We had a great TAIA meeting and I want to say that I appreciate the passion that you all put forth about your programs and our association. Please be mindful that we are being looked to by Ron Whitson at TEA to be the Teacher organization for the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Cluster. Our efforts and meetings should involve all disciplines and curriculum in this cluster.


Your new Officers for 2009-2010 are:

Past President            Monty Smith

President                   Bubba Norman

President Elect           Steve Barron

Secretary- Treasurer   Roger Calderon

Reporter                    George Arrants


I will post the District Officers and the contact information for these in the next day or two.


As always if I can be of assistance call or e-mail.
July15, 2009
I am here!
We are up and running. Check back here regularly I will be posting information and events as I get them and as you need. If you have some cool information you want to see send it to Juan Morales our Reporter and he will get it on our site.
We are going to get this right if it kills me.

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316 W. 12th Street Austin Texas 78701