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Texas Automotive Instructors Association

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Diesel - Heavy Truck Instructor
Austin Community College is looking for a Diesel, Heavy Truck Instructor if you are interested or know someone who is contact Karen Duncan @ 512-223-7139 office or 512-699-1294 cell.

Breaking News
We have a couple of people looking for employment as Auto Tech Teachers, If you hear of an opening please shoot an email to Bubba or Steve and we will get in touch with them.

$500 Scholarship
 For Students Enrolled in a Transportation Cluster Course in Texas
Qualifications: Scholarship is open to any student enrolled in a Transportation Cluster program. Students must carry an 85 average in their transportation cluster class. Must have completed the second year of at least a two year program. Must be pursuing a career in a transportation cluster related field. Resume should include accomplishments in their transportation cluster class. Instructor must be a T.A.I.A. member in good standing.
2010 T. A. I. A. Scholarship Application
Name____________________________________________ DOB_________
First Middle Last Address_________________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________________________ State______________ Zip ______________ Phone_____________________ High School where you attend Transportation Cluster class.
Name: _________________________________________________________ ISD: ____________________________________________________________ Transportation Cluster Classes you have taken:
_______________________________________________________________ Instructor_______________________________________________________ Counselor ______________________________________________________ Parent contact information:
Fathers Name:__________________________________________________ Address if different from your home:
Address: _______________________________________________________ City____________________________________________________________ State_______________ Zip ______________ Phone __________________ Mothers Name__________________________________________________ Address if different from your home: Address________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________________________ State_________________ Zip ______________ Phone ________________
Member of SkillsUSA yes___ no___ # of years __________________
Please list extracurricular, church, & community activities:
 Please describe any past or current work experience:
Applicant’s Choice of College, University, or Technical Institute: _______________________________________________________________ City____________________________________________________________ Course of Study_________________________________________________ Date Enrolled ____________________________________
Applicant’s Signature________________________
T.A.I.A. Scholarship Application
Four $500 scholarships to be awarded to the students of T.A.I.A. member instructors. In addition to the application, the following should be included:
1. One 250 word essay from the student on why they should be considered for a scholarship. Students can write about anything they feel is important to their needs. It would be appropriate to mention any particular circumstances about school or family that has made an impact on the decision to seek post-secondary education in your selected field. How career and technical education has affected you personally. What your career path you plan to pursue after post-secondary education, and how this scholarship could affect your future.
 2. A letter of recommendation from the instructor, who must be a member in good standing of T.A.I.A. The letter should be at least one page in length.
3. A letter written by anybody connected with a community organization that the student is involved with. It could be by a favorite teacher, member of your local church, counselor, etc. It should be about any community service that the student has been involved in and/or any contribution that the student has made to his community. Examples would a community service project through Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church, or SkillsUSA. The letter should not be written by a member of the family.
All applications must be in hard copy in a folder and should be mailed in to the TIVA office with a cover sheet complete with name of student, name of instructor, address of school, name of program and all contact information.
 All application packages must be post-marked by May 15, 2010; no late postmarks will be accepted.
A check to the winners of the TAIA Scholarship will be issued when a paid receipt is presented to the executive board of TAIA for classes that the student is taking in pursuit of a transportation-related degree.
The address to which the completed application must be mailed is: T. A. I. A. Scholarship c/o TIVA 316 W 12th Street, Suite 301 Austin, Texas 78701-1840 512-473-0761
Complete application package must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2010. Packages postmarked with a later date will not be opened.
For a word document file please e-mail

Job Openings:
          None reported. Check back from time to time.

SkillsUSA Competition:
          Project Info; Carburator's, brake calipers, wheel cylinders and rotors are no longer allowed as projects. Please see 2010 regulations for more info.

Member Pictures:

Steve Barron and Dr. Philip Mc.

Julian Acevedo and Wade Brown

Toyota's TPMS seminar

Monty Smith and Bill Grimm

Olin Harrington waiting for the next in service

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316 W. 12th Street Austin Texas 78701